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Are blog posts meant for about me’s?

If this post is by uncanny chance your interest, my name is Kaden. Kaden Salem Donovan, to be exact. I know, I know, “You have such a cool name!” Thank you. First and foremost, I’m absolutely one of the cockiest fuckers you’ll ever meet. However, I dislike writing about myself and I really don’t show off — that much. So that takes away form my arrogance, I suppose. Call me whatever you’d like. I’m an open book, with a few pages torn out and shredded then burned. But you get the point. I’m twenty years old currently, and by the time I forget to update this in August, I’ll be 21. That’s supposed to be an exciting age, but I won’t drink, smoke, gamble, or try to enroll in the police academy (kidding about the last one, I don’t know how old you have to be to enroll?) I’m an artist of many talents, honestly. I draw, write, sculpt, paint, wood-carve, play guitar, play piano, and sing. I’m gay; Not the stereotypical faggy, flambouyant, all over the place ‘I leave behind trails of rainbows’ gay. Just, I love a man, gay. Feel free to judge if that’s your thing. I’ll have been with my boyfriend, or rather, fiance, for 6 years starting June 28th. Our love story is a sweet thing; Meant for another block of text. Bored of me yet? Not surprised. I won’t beg and plead for you to keep reading though; Here’s your breathing point.

Rest stop.

Okay, you had your chance. Here it comes. I’m not a father of a baby, I’m not a world-famous dog groomer, I’m not the producer of a famous Norwegian game show, and I’m sure as hell not perfect. But, I’d like to think I’m interesting, as a person’s personality is based off of how they see themself. I’m what you might call a modern philosopher. I have my ideas, theories, and opinions about everything. However, you may call that, in your own words, human. I’m an individual, not that common individual who’s different like everyone else is different. No, I’m definitely a horse of a different color. But I am, as previously stated, human. I like the smell of wet asphalt and the first day of summer. I do cry at sappy movies while everyone else is dry eyed and then feel stupid about it, and I will secretly dance to hyped up Swedish music when no one else is home. I think Justin Beiber is a brat, I did hate school, I’m not always nice, and I am possibly as lazy as the rest of my generation seems to be. In the end, to be honest, you are a whole different line of thought running through a separate brain stem. So in all actuality, who I really am is up to you. So if you’ve made it this far, why give up now? Maybe I’m worth getting to know, or maybe I’m already decided and there’s nothing more to learn. Whichever suits you.

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